April 2016 – 41st Anniversary of Operation Babylift and end of Vietnam War

Sending warm and supportive thoughts to all our friends and peers who were part of Operation Babylift, April 1975 and adopted from the Vietnam War era and the following period immediately after. It’s a very meaningful and important historical month for everyone adopted from Vietnam, before, during and after OBL, as it marks the close of the Vietnam War era that shaped all our lives forever. Peace, respect and supportive energies to you all this month.

The AVI website is in need of a big update when time permits but there’s a range of archival material for people interested in reading about some of its history and if you are a Vietnamese adoptee, here is:-

– An Archive AVI Page Dedicated to Operation Babylift

– A private FB group for all Vietnamese adoptees (from the War and post-war era), for us and by us to connect Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI) Facebook Group and our public AVI FB Community Page

– A special AVI collection of international essays and poems by Vietnamese adoptees written on the 35th Anniversary and still relevant and moving today here

April 2015: Edited collection of scholarly essays on adoption debates

Includes research by Vietnamese adoptees, editors include Dr Bert Ballard, a Vietnamese adoptee in the USA and with a co-written chapter by Dr Patricia Fronek, Prof. Denise Cuthbert and AVI’s founder Dr Indigo Willing OAM who is an Australian researcher and Vietnamese adoptee:

The Intercountry Adoption Debate

Dialogues Across Disciplines

Editor(s):Robert L. Ballard, Naomi H. Goodno, Robert F. Cochran, Jay A. Milbrandt
Inter country Adoption Debate


April 2015: Vietnamese.Adopted, new book, edited by Adam Chau

Our adopted Vietnamese occasion for speaking – edited by Adam Chau and with various Vietnamese adoptee authors from around the world (including Indigo Willing, founder of AVI)

Vietnamese.Adopted book

Vietnamese.Adopted: A Collection of Voices is a group of writings each in their own form and style, un-censored in content or subject matter, allowing each person to speak on what being a Vietnamese Adoptee, Adopted Vietnamese, or Vietnamese War Orphan, is to them, as well as in relation to the greater Vietnamese and World communities. Shaped by their own experiences, observations, country, and language, it is the goal of this book to make these narratives, opinions, and perspectives available to the greater Adopted and Vietnamese communities.


40th Anniversary of end of Vietnam War & Operation Babylift

The AVI team would like to send their thoughts to everyone who was part of Operation Babylift in April 1975 which refers to a series of airlifts of thousands of children from Vietnamese orphanages to the West. April 1975 also marks the close of the Vietnam War era adoptions, and the end of the war so it is also a profoundly meaningful time for all individuals who were adopted because of the war and its social consequences both before, during and after 1975.  Indeed, many such children were adopted from Vietnam into Western families from 1955 up to the ‘boat refugee’ migrants in the 1980s.  AVI would like to acknowledge all these individuals at this time.

AVI plans to feature a series of photos from 40th anniversary reunions of adoptees, and some of their thoughts in the near future.

For more regular and current updates on media articles, events and more related to the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam War’s end and Operation Babylift please visit our AVI public FB Community page at: https://www.facebook.com/AdoptedVietnameseInternational

We acknowledge and welcome the newer generations who follow as well into the Viet adoptee community. Connect, empower, renew.

ABC’s Foreign Correspondent call for adoptees

If you are adopted from Vietnam, the ABC’s Foreign Correspondent is keen to do a story featuring your voices. There is also a range of other posts and info to check out. Our AVI FB group now has over 700 members. This group is set up by Vietnamese adoptees, for Vietnamese adoptees. Membership includes people from Australia and globally. Visit the official website web, go to:

Feb 2014: Congratulations to the MEOW skateboard and Book winners

Congratulations to Matthew Rooke (Australia) and David Nguyen (USA) who were the winners of the Vietnam Volunteer Network fundraiser draw. $850 was raised to go towards VVN projects for children in the Go Vap orphanage, and impacted by Agent Orange and land mines.


Fundraiser winner Matthew

Fundraiser winner Matthew with MEOW skateboard

AVI skateboard competition/giveaway – closes 30 January 2014

AVI skateboard competition/giveaway

Share the link below and donate any amount to the Vietnam Volunteer Network (VVN) to go in the draw to win a great skateboard package! Even as little as a dollar, every bit counts.


*Due to posting and handling costs we can only give the prize away to residents in Australia. Giveaway closes 30 Jan 2014.

Prize is a MEOW skateboard prize with Trinity trucks and Spitfire wheels donated from Extreme Skates, QLD – to raise awareness and funds for the Vietnam Volunteer Network (VVN) whose work includes assisting kids at Trung Tâm Nuôi Dưỡng Bảo Trợ Trẻ Em Gò Vấp (Go Vap orphanage) in Vietnam as well as those affected by landmines and Agent Orange.

Prize donated by Dr Indigo Willing OAM, a former Vietnamese orphanage resident, AVI founder, social researcher and supporter of communities having a say, giving back when they can, and valuing ways to channel good energy towards others

Happy New Year of the Snake 2013!!!!

Hi folks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Don’t forget that you can keep up to date with a range of public announcements posted up over at https://www.facebook.com/AdoptedVietnameseInternational – including a screening of Operation Babylift in California soon.

Later this year there might also to be a couple of AVI online projects open to international members from around the world. One will be ‘What I love’ type photo e-gallery exhibit asking for contributions. Another will be a fundraiser co-organized with Kim Nguyen Browne for projects connected to the Vietnam Volunteer Network (VVN) & with myself and additional support over at AVI. Official website for all auction items and the contributors coming soon! More about VVN is on their website: http://www.vietnamvolunteernetwork.com/

Best wishes Indigo, Founder,
AVI and the AVI team.

October to November 2012 – Melbourne Adoption Conference

Global, November 2012

Thank you to Australian adoptee Dave Medhurst and family for sharing updated photos of the Theosophic Thong Thien Hoc orphanage from his recent trip back to visit his Vietnamese family. Read more here.

Melbourne October 2012

Vietnamese adoptees Dr Indigo Willing and Dominic Golding joined Korean adoptees HeeRa Heaser and Dr Jessica Walton for a panel talk chaired by Korean adoptee author and activist Jane Jeong Trenka in Melbourne, October 2012.  The panel talk was part of the 10th Australian Adoption Conference. See Day 1 and Day 2 of the program here.  In a later presentation, a key note featuring Jane Jeong Trenka, a call for signatures for a petition to include overseas mothers in an apology to mothers also featured at the conference.

Don’t forget to visit the AVI Facebook Page for more regular updates about what’s going on in our community.

July 2012 Community Issue: Stopping Deportation of Adoptees

Global adoptees’ news:

Letter to the President to Stop the Deportation of Kairi Shepherd & Others


“On May 8th, Kairi Shepherd, an Indian adoptee who has advanced multiple sclerosis, was issued what in effect was her death sentence: deportation to India — a country she has not seen or known since she was adopted at 3 months old — and consequent separation from her family and doctors…”



July 2012 Updates – General News

Don’t forget to check out the AVI Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/adoptedvietnameseinternational) as the quickest way to get up to date news on events and other things related to the adopted Vietnamese community.   Recent posts there include:

July 2012

– A book to be released soon on adoptees as parents, with a link to the book’s own FB page https://www.facebook.com/ParentingAsAdoptees


– A blog alerting people in the MN, USA media that adoptees have a voice and important perspectives to share in media stories on adoption http://readingspark.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/1212/

– A response to the above, calling for interviews with MN, USA adoptees http://minnesota.publicradio.org/collections/special/columns/daily_circuit/archive/2012/07/help-create-a-stronger-community-of-international-adoptees-and-families.shtml

– A global adoption community coalition letter in support of Kairi Shepherd, and adoptee citizenship, including signed by AVI after careful consultation with the AVI advisory group  http://adopsource.org/Shepherd_Community_Letter_%20final.pdf

– A story about a Rockford Viet adoptee in the USA who reunited with his Vietnamese mother http://www.rrstar.com/news/x1081599463/Rockford-man-connects-with-Vietnamese-mother-decades-later

Plus you can also search older archives by ‘liking’ the AVI FB public page.

37th Anniversary of End of Vietnam War & Operation Babylift

AVI sends out care and respect for the Vietnamese people who arrived 37 years ago, and in memory of those who didn’t make it.

Also a special time for all involved in the Vietnam War period, including over 1000 Vietnamese children who were sent abroad in the years before 1975, and approximately 3000+ Vietnamese children during Operation Babylift in 1975.  April 1975 marks the end of an era that changed so many lives forever, but also the development of a global adopted Vietnamese community where we hope adoptees will always be able to feel that they belong and can be themselves.  In our current times, we are also finding more and more connections than ever before to our surviving Vietnamese relatives.  These are special times.

Please see the AVI Facebook Page for updates on current events in your area that are marking this year’s 37th anniversary.

In peace.