List of Adoptee Blogs & Websites

This page is a great resource to *external links of personal blogs, websites & creative works of Vietnamese & Transracial adoptees. Some of the blogs reflect on their adoption experiences and some are more generally focused on their aid work, creative projects, hobbies (including foodie blogs), activism, and general everyday interests and lives.

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Vietnamese adoptee Group Blogs

Misplaced Baggage, 3 adult adoptees reflect –

Vietnamese Adoptee Operation Reunite Group Blog (including writings by Trista Goldberg, Tricia Houston, Kim Nguyen Browne and many others) –

Vietnamese Adoptees Living in Vietnam  Blog –


VN Adoptee Individual Blogs / Webs Include

Adopted the Comic, Written & Drawn by 2 Vietnamese Adoptees (UK & Canada/USA) –

Cher Ballentyne Bear (USA), Photographer & Designer blog –

Dan Bischoff (VN adoptee in Rwanda), Biking blog –

Viktoria Cowely (UK) –

Safi Dub (UK), Adoption reflections & VN reunion – and / and check out the AVI Safi Thi-Kim Dub’s Story page.

Jessica Emmett (UK), adoption & art blog –

Tim Holtin (USA), food & film blog –

Anh Ðào Kolbe (USA), VN adoptee portrait series & photo portfolio websites – and

Dominic Golding (Australia), playwright and performer blog & exhibition link – and

Kevin Maes (USA), travel blog through Asia –

Kev Minh Allen (USA) – (can only view if invited)

Joie Norby, Adoptee reflection & writing blog –

Kim Noonan (USA), Film & Video Director (e.g. Running Dragon based on a American VN adoptee) –

Heather Nguyen (Canada), Adoptee reflections & yoga blog –

Le Thanh (UK), Reflections of the 2010 VN reunion blog –

Michael Pavek (Korea), Reflections on Faith blog –

My Huong Le (VIetnam) – Visit My Huong Le’s Reflections AVI page

Thao Pross (Vietnam), Adoptee reflections & news blog –

Jared Rehberg (USA), Music website –

Felicia Swartz Corcoran (USA) – new foodie blog link tba

Marcus Walton (VN adopte in Gambia), Peace Corps Volunteer in Guyana & The Gambia blog –

Joshua Woerthwein (USA) –  (including a VN adoptee orphanage Gmap link update – link tba)

Sumeia Williams (USA) –

Indigo Willing (Australia) –

Other Transnational & Transracial Adoptee Blogs / Webs (non Vietnamese adoptee) Include

Adoptees of Colour Round Table –

ASK (Adoptee Solidarity Korea), awareness & advocate for improvements of Korean overseas adoption –

Bryan Thao Worra, Supporter of Laotian, Hmong and Southeast Asian American artists and writers blog –

Lee Herrick, Poetry Blog-

Tobias Hubinette, Adoption researcher website & wealth of links to adoption liture resources –

Jae Ran Kim, transracial and transnational adoption blog –

Jane Jeong Trenka, Korean adoption community blog –

Jennifer Bao Yu Jue-Steuck, Chinese adoptee blog –

John Raible, Supporting the Transracial Adoption community through education and research blog –

Lisa Marie Rollins, A Birth Project is a transracial adoptee blog –

So Yung Kim – (can only view if invited)

Sun Yun Shin, Resources for Transracial Adoptees blog –


* This page, like many on the AVI website, are resources only. The views made by any external links & individuals may not reflect the views of AVI.