Who’s Involved (Volunteer Team)

AVI Founder and Convener

Dr Indigo Willing (2000 – current)
Indigo is a Vietnamese adoptee raised in Australia and founded AVI in 2000 on the 25th anniversary of the Vietnam War ending. She is a Researcher, Writer, Community Volunteer. She was awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2006 (resigned in 2021) and a PhD in Sociology, University of Queensland, Australia in 2010. Her PhD and MA theses were on the topic of international adoption.  She is also a former Rockefeller Fellow, UMASS, Boston, USA, and has written a number of publications, book chapters and in anthologies about adoption and continues to work behind the scenes in AVI today. Adoption work: Here  Website: http://www.indigowilling.com

AVI Foundational Advisory Group

The below people have at various stages been pivotal in assisting AVI to develop content, moderate forums, and from time to time provide advice on special topics. AVI is a volunteer project with a website providing some information and a social network group and page, but does not have formal representatives or formal services. Some bios need updating but are kept below for archival purposes. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

in alphabetical order

Dr Robert ‘Bert’ Ballard / AVI Co-Convener / Website assistance (guest role 2020)
PhD, was an Academic at Uni.of Waterloo, Ontario – Canada. and former Professor at Pepperdine Uni., California). He is the editor of ‘Pieces of Me’ book, a co-author of Adopted the Comic and Chair – Stratford Intercountry Adoption Summit ’10. See Google Scholar. He assisted with AVI updates during a visit to Australia in 2020 and completed his volunteer role to spend time with his family and start up a new business where he gets to spend much of his time with beautiful and kind therapy and service dogs.
Ed books incl / Pieces of Me (for Teen Adoptees)

David Fisk Yahoogroups and AVI FB Co-Moderator (2000 – 2019)

David is a Vietnamese adoptee and IT Professional from the West Coast of the USA. He was foundational in assisting with AVI’s earliest years in setting up a Yahoogroup in 2000 (platform no longer used) and FB co-moderation. In 2020 AVI downsized during the pandemic and moved to a more low-maintenance, community-led and crowd-sourced FB group. 

Trista Goldberg / Search and Reunion Advice
Founder/Director of Operation Reunite and DNA Register project. Trista has been a leading figure in the US Vietnamese adoption community and does humanitarian work with Amerasians as well. She created the first Vietnamese adoptee DNA registry which she still oversees today.
AVI BioAVI 35th Reflections / AVI ReunitedOperation Reunite Website

Dominic Golding / AVI FB Group Co-Moderator (2000 – 2019), Adoptee Film Festival Committee
Dominic is a Vietnamese Australian Adoptee, Artist, Theatre Performer & Playwright. He created the first Viet adoptee screenplay and lead a theatre performance in the play ‘Shrimp’. He was also one of the touring Transcultural Adoptee Films (TTAF) Initiative Committee (Melbourne Event Organiser). Dominic is currently studying his PhD and working as a refugee and disabilities support and policy expert. In 2020 AVI downsized during the pandemic and moved to a more low-maintenance, community-led and crowd-sourced FB group. 
Being Vietnamese AVI / Shrimp Play Website / TTAF Melbourne

Tricia Houston / AVI General Advisor 
Teacher & Writer – USA
Tricia was a committee Member of Operation Reunite Return to Vietnam 2010 Trip and has helped over the years with meet ups in the US and information related to being adopted from Vietnam. She is currently raising her child and still connected to us all, sharing her positive energy and kindness.
AVI BioVietnamese Adoptees Blog

Jane Joy / Co-Moderator / Website Assistance (Guest role 2021)

Jane was raised in the USA and joined AVI ‘s international team of volunteers at the early part of 2021 as a co-moderator of the AVI FB Group. She also assisted with some of the website updating. We were grateful to have her assistance and insights. She completed this volunteer role end of 2021 to focus on her studies and other commitments.

Analee Gale née Matthews / PR Advisor (2000 to 2019)
Analee was one of the original AVI Advisory Committee Members. She also has had a long career as a Journalist & Editor. She is still in contact with us today and assists when we have special enquiries about Vietnamese adoption from her personal and media professional experiences.


AVI Web-Design and Co-Web Host

Jessica Emmett
Artist – UK
AVI Website Designer & Advisory Network Member, Jess helped re-new the website in 2011.
AVI BioAVI 35th ReflectionsAdopted the Comic Website  / Art Portfolio Website