35th Anniversary (2010)

35th Anniversary of the End of the Viet Nam / American War and Operation Babylift

(ARCHIVE – April 2010)


In April 1975 approximately three thousand orphans from Viet Nam were brought to the West in a humanitarian project known as Operation Babylift.  Over one thousand Vietnamese orphans had also been adopted abroad in the Viet Nam/American War years prior to 1975.

Upon reaching  maturity, a number of these adoptees began to form collectives to reflect upon their past and to re-discover their cultural background.  The various activities and networking of these adoptees has led to reunions with each other, the volunteers who worked in the airlifts, orphanage workers and in some cases, their surviving natural relatives from Viet Nam.

The 35th anniversary of the Viet Nam War and Operation Babylift is also a special time for Vietnamese adoptees.  During this time, numerous adoptees from the Vietnam War, including those who came out both before and during 1975, have opened up, taken up and enjoyed many dynamic opportunities in the community to connect  and share their  memories, dreams, searches, current views and new discoveries.This webpage is just one small part of that process and aims to celebrate our shared adopted Vietnamese history.  Enormous thanks to members of Operation Reunite, Project Return 2 and the Vietnamese Adoptee Network and many more who have organized various events, return to Vietnam trips and resources surrounding this anniversary – please also visit their links on the news pages and be ready to be inspired, to discover, and to always belong.

Indigo Willing
Adopted Saigon to Sydney 1972.
Founder, Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI)