Welcome to the Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI) official Website.

AVI is a passionate and collaborative volunteer project with various updates being rolled out 2021-2025.

Created and run by Vietnamese adoptees. Exploring, Connecting and Promoting the Voices of Our Community


Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI) is dedicated to providing opportunities for adopted Vietnamese to explore our community and history together and to connect with each other. AVI was launched in April 2000 on the 25th anniversary of end the Viet Nam War.  AVI is a volunteer network that is dedicated to Vietnamese adoptees from the Vietnam War. However, new generations join us today and are expanding what it means to be a Vietnamese adoptee. 

The first wave of Vietnamese adoptees were adopted before, during or in connection with the Viet Nam War or its mass exodus that directly resulted. The immediate generations that followed came with refugees arriving in the 1980s. These are mostly Generation X adoptees.  In present times, there are now also Millennial and Gen Z adoptees although this is dependent on international agreements between various nations*.

AVI is based in Australia but has an international membership including individuals from the US, Canada, and European nations. We acknowledge we are also often settlers on unceded First Nations lands and aim to support and show solidarity with Indigenous Peoples. This includes all individuals removed from their families under colonialism and systemic racism.

Wishing you peace, respect and connection.

AVI Website Upgrades

The original AVI website was set up in 2000, and in keeping up with current technologies was refreshed with an updated website in 2013 while also making it easier to navigate and explore the wealth of information that we have collect for the past years. We hope to embark on a range of new updates in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War (and will do minor updates whenever we can). Note that we are non-funded and run by volunteer efforts based in Australia, so changes are paced at our capacity. Unforseen events in 2020 including fires and the pandemic onwards, plus floods in 2022 and the continuation of covid-19 restrictions are still having an impact on this too. We understand there is a lot of older content here but are keen to preserve the historical nature of some of the stories and events where possible.

Messages at the moment are best sent to our FB Community Page or FB Discussion Group.

We hope you enjoy the site and connecting with us on our social media!


*Note in countries like Australia, adoptions from Vietnam almost all but stopped after the Vietnam War due to a break down in diplomatic relations for many years and a requirement that adoptive parents live in Vietnam for two years before they could legally adopt a child from there.