New AVI Site (June 2011)

Jessica Emmett writes:

When I first started to explore my adoption “self” over 6 years ago, the AVI network and its founding convener, Indigo ‘Indi’ Willing, were one of my first connections I’d made with other adult VN adoptees. I have been on the Advisory Committee for a few years now but always wanted to be able to give something back to AVI, I just didn’t know how. Then I saw Indi had asked in late May 2011 for help to update the site. This website is my way of contributing to AVI and our community it is dedicated to.

This has been a great project, and it was exciting to have explored the enormous amount of information from the adoptee community that had been shared on the original AVI website.

The AVI team welcomes more stories, contacts, photos and requests for information to be added/amended, while retaining the historical feel of some of the existing stories/events that have been gathered over the past eleven years that AVI has been around.

While the design of any website is secondary to the information and stories it shares, I wanted to explain a little history about its new ‘face’. Since the original site has been around for so long,  I felt that I didn’t want to alter the design too much that it might become a stranger due to drastic changes or feel, so I decided to keep it simple while taking elements of AVI’s original web design and logo.

And on that note, this website is now launched. Enjoy =)