Viet adoptee commemorative writings – Introduction by the Editor

As someone adopted from a Vietnamese orphanage, famous images like this (see and ) can prompt a certain state of wonder and questions such as, “Where are they today?”, “How did things turn out for adoptees and refugees who moved abroad and for those who stayed in Vietnam, and the soldiers  (of all different ethnicities), some who fathered children in Vietnam and so on?” Today, the adopted Vietnamese generation includes people whose parents were refugees in the 80s and 90s, and also many generations that follow. But it is important to remember history of our community.  Reflections by various adopted Vietnamese in our global community, all an inspiration, are currently being posted at the links below. Thank you to all these individuals, some who came out as part of Operation Babylift and some who arrived in the months and war years before then, for sharing their special 35th anniversary reflections with the community of adopted Vietnamese and their supporters today, and the generations that follow.  These are the stories of our community, that give strength and resilience, insight and compassion, and also hope and renewal to new generations that follow you.

Indigo Willing,

’35th Personal Reflections’  Project editor

Adopted from Vietnam
Founder of Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI)

35th Anniversary Personal Reflections

Below are contributions of adopted Vietnamese AVI members reflecting on the 35th Anniversary of the Vietnam War, Operation Babylift and the adopted Vietnamese community.  All contributions are the property of the authors and AVI, and should not be duplicated without contacting so the authors AVI Admin
can be notified and credited accordingly.  If you want to share this info on a blog via links to the original site here, or distributing the link for educational purposes, please also contact us as we’d love to know where our stories and voices are being shared.


Kim Edgar

Jen Fitzpatrick

Simon Keogh

Sarai Le

Emma Pham


Mý Huê McGowran


Maya Feurgere


Patrick L

Tuyet Carr

Safi Kim

Jessica Emmett

Le Thanh


Kevin Minh Allen

Trista Goldberg