40th Anniversary of end of Vietnam War & Operation Babylift

The AVI team would like to send their thoughts to everyone who was part of Operation Babylift in April 1975 which refers to a series of airlifts of thousands of children from Vietnamese orphanages to the West. April 1975 also marks the close of the Vietnam War era adoptions, and the end of the war so it is also a profoundly meaningful time for all individuals who were adopted because of the war and its social consequences both before, during and after 1975.  Indeed, many such children were adopted from Vietnam into Western families from 1955 up to the ‘boat refugee’ migrants in the 1980s.  AVI would like to acknowledge all these individuals at this time.

AVI plans to feature a series of photos from 40th anniversary reunions of adoptees, and some of their thoughts in the near future.

For more regular and current updates on media articles, events and more related to the 40th anniversary of the Vietnam War’s end and Operation Babylift please visit our AVI public FB Community page at: https://www.facebook.com/AdoptedVietnameseInternational

We acknowledge and welcome the newer generations who follow as well into the Viet adoptee community. Connect, empower, renew.