AVI site upgrades planned 2021 – 2025

Hello AVI members!

Our beloved website was planned to be updated throughout 2020 but delayed due to covid-19. In the next five years incremental updates will still be added by Dr Indigo Willing OAM, Dr Bert Ballard and a team of volunteer research assistants.  To keep in touch the AVI public FB community page and private FB discussion group on social media are still posting in regularly with content and information relevant to what we do.

As you know we’ve been operation since April 2000 and moved from the good old days of Yahoogroups and AOL Chat to using Social Media platforms like Facebook (see menu for links to our community page and private group with over 1000 members still active weekly).

There’s a lot going on in our FB Discussion group every week! We’ve circulated news about Vietnamese adoptee get togethers, meetings with Operation Babylift pilots and others involved, shared written research and other writings, assisted and supported our friends search for birth/first parents, some successfully, and shared regular news and events going on in Vietnam, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

So thanks for keeping our community buzzing with information, good will and knowledge.  Keep in touch on FB!