February (2012) Interview with international Vietnamese adoptees from AVI Advisory Group

A number of AVI’s Advisory Group members are featured in a newsletter (PASQ, QLD Australia – http://www.bensoc.org.au/uploads/documents/PASQ_Newsletter_Summer2012.pdf) and also posted as an online article on adoptee website (tba) about their Vietnamese adoptee community work, and why being in contact with other adoptees can generate a healthy sense of engagement and connection for individuals adopted from Vietnam in any era, and from any country-of-origin.  Contributors from AVI include:

Dr Indigo Willing, Academic & Asian Australian Film Network Co-Convener, QLD Australia, adopted from Vietnam.

Analee Matthews, Journalist,, NSW Australia, adopted from Vietnam.

Jen Fitzpatrick,  Higher Education Officer, Adoptee Representative 2011- 2012 of NICAAG, QLD Australia, adopted from Vietnam.

Trista Goldberg, Business Professional, Founder & CEO, Operation Reunite, USA, adopted from Vietnam.

Tricia Houston, Teacher, Executive in Operation Reunite, USA, adopted from Vietnam.

Kim Nguyen Browne, Corporate Professional, Founder & CEO, Vietnam Volunteer Network, UK, adopted from Vietnam.

‘Ripples’, Government and Business Professional, adopted from Taiwan.