March 25 (2012) Meet up – CAL, USA: LA visit

RSVPs for this event have now closed. Thank you: Hermosa Beach, LA, Sunday 25 March, 2012

Meeting for Cali VN adoptees.  RSVPs closed 22 March 2012, but if you would like to make contact for future visits/meet ups please feel welcome to email:

International mobile (text only): + 01161403168490

Conference: Claremont, CA Thurs 22- Sat 24 March, 2012

AVI founder Dr Indigo Willing & Dr Bert Ballard are at Claremont 22 – 24 March to attend  The 4th International Conference on Adoption and Culture:

Dr Willing& Dr Bert Ballard (also an AVI Advisory Group member) are presenting ‘Transnationalism Beyond Transmigrants: Chinese Adoption in North America and Australia’. Dr Willing will also be chairing a special panel discussion with other international guests, Prof Rene Hoskbergen and Prof Ravinder Barn on adoptive parents.

The conference is open to the public but all attendees must officially REGISTER (small fee included). To do this visit:

If you are a transnational and transracial adoptee, please say hello if you are attending. Indigo’s email: International mobile (text only): +001161403168490