Providene Orphanage

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Emmanuel Babey (her story on the Emmanuelle Babey Reflections AVI page) writes:

I just had the confirmation of a friend who comes back from Vietnam and who knows very well the congregation LA DIVINE PROVIDENCE (he pays visits to the sisters every year for the last ten years). He confirms that the orphanage registries of : Can-Tho, Soc-Trang, Bac-Lieu are withhold by the  government. It means that only the adoptee can eventually have access to his file and on the spot, for sure. The congregation does not have any more access to the registries. Only the orphanages of Sadec (Hoa-Khanh) and Cu-Lao Gieng always have their registries.

For the Sadec adoptees, you can contact Marita from Origines Vietnam or contact me directly at:

The registry can be found at the Sadec monastery that also serves actually as a daycare and run by sister Sainte-Croix. It is possible to consult the registry on the spot or to contact sister Sainte-Croix in Sadec.

The orphanage does not exist anymore and has been taken over by the government. There are still two orphans at the same period than us who have never been adopted and who live always in Sadec. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to meet with them last April. I have learned of their existence the day I was leaving for Saigon, but it will just be for the next time.

A new orphanage has been created much later (always by the congregation La Divine Providence) and is run by sister Bénédicta. It is called La Maison Amour (House Love). The orphans who are there are not for adoption. They all go to school, thanks to the various sponsorships and grow up until their maturity at this orphanage Maison Amour. They are about a hundred of them of different ages. I went to visit them last April. Besides the donations, for surviving, sister Bénédicta has also developed a culture of bonsai of frangipani.

For the adoptees from Cu-Lao Gieng, sister Angéline takes care actually of the orphanage and accepts to help those who would like to carry out the search. She is 70 years old and I am asked to take over.

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