A Story of Soil – Sydney (10 – 20 Oct 2002)

‘A story of soil’, by Chi Vu, is an Australian-Vietnamese tale about a generation of young people who are attempting to create a new identity for themselves that incorporates both Western and Asian ways. Tien, a young Australian woman with Vietnamese parents, runs away with her Australian boyfriend, who is rebelling against his middle-class family. Tien’s sense of identity is a complex one that draws on her Vietnamese heritage and her upbringing in suburban Melbourne. The play highlights the clash between Vietnamese and Australian values ­ between hearth and home and Western individualism.

WHEN: Thursday 10 – Sunday 20 October

TIME: Thursday ­ Saturday 8pm, Sunday 5pm

WHERE: SideTrack Studio 9, The Centre 142 Addison Rd Marrickville

TICKETS: $25 full / $20 cons

BOOKINGS: Please phone 03 9294 4655 or email boxoffice@sidetrack.com.au