37th Anniversary of End of Vietnam War & Operation Babylift

AVI sends out care and respect for the Vietnamese people who arrived 37 years ago, and in memory of those who didn’t make it.

Also a special time for all involved in the Vietnam War period, including over 1000 Vietnamese children who were sent abroad in the years before 1975, and approximately 3000+ Vietnamese children during Operation Babylift in 1975.  April 1975 marks the end of an era that changed so many lives forever, but also the development of a global adopted Vietnamese community where we hope adoptees will always be able to feel that they belong and can be themselves.  In our current times, we are also finding more and more connections than ever before to our surviving Vietnamese relatives.  These are special times.

Please see the AVI Facebook Page for updates on current events in your area that are marking this year’s 37th anniversary.

In peace.