Mrs. Vai – Birth Sons Found

FWD: Found – Mother has been reunited with her two sons in October.   Mrs. Vai has located and been re-united with her two sons, Anh Quoc Nguyen (DOB 08/18/1966) and Dong Quoc Nguyen (1970).

She originally wrote:

“These two children were adopted by one American family and left Viet Nam before 
Christmas of 1974. While I was in Vietnam their adopted parents had been sending me some financial support for a while. I had kept their address tightly only to loose it some time in the late 1980’s. As a matter of fact, in 1983 I gave a copy of the document showing the name and address of the adopted parents to the US immigration official who reviewed my immigration application in Saigon. At that time, the officer told me to leave the children undisturbed for completing their education. He promised to keep the information in my file. Immediately upon my entry to the US port, I showed the same document to an immigrant officer who also made a copy of it to place in my file. We had been separated for almost 30 years. As mother I had been praying day and night to one day  seeing my children again, to meeting their adopted parents once more. “

On October 20 we received the news…

“Just wanted to let you know Mrs. Vai has located and been re-united with her two sons recently.  I want to express my personal thanks to all of you for your part in helping to make this search successful”. – (a family friend).