Jessica Emmett – Foster Family Found (2011)

In a duel search to find my birth family (which I have not found yet) I was also looking for my foster family at fostered me from 5-12 months. I was born, fostered & adopted locally in Hong Kong. While birth families & adoptive parets are often the focus in the adoption story, i have always wondered about my foster family as well… wondered if what they did influenced me.

After Hong Kong Social Welfare Department got back to me saying that they didn’t have a current address for them i thought all was lost. But being the kind of person i am, got my parents to rack their brains for any small thing they could remember. So all i had was a last name, occupation of my foster dad in 1983 & that they were British ex-pats (like my adoptive parents). With some savvy Internet searches i actualllllllllly found them!!!! I’ve been in contact with my foster dad, mum & sister. So many questions have been answered and it’s been lovely to get to know them.

My Foster mother did explain that there were ads in the Hong Kong news papers asking for foster families to look after Vietnamese children (in the 70s & 80s) who mainly were to be resettled in the USA. So maybe some of you have been fostered and not even realised =).

All the best Jess =)

p.s. Years ago i did an art project about m foster family, never thought i’d actually meet them =P