Geoff Bernhardt – Nguyen Thi Bong (host family sister) found (2005)

Thanks for everyone’s help.

May 05: Host family looking for Vietnamese 1968 girl.

In about 1971, our family hosted a girl named Nguyen T. Bong. She was from Vietnam and had serious facial injuries as a result of an explosion. She was 5 or 6 years old at the time, so now (2005) she would be about 40. I was a child in the host family, same age as Bong. We lived in Los Angeles at the time (Sherman Oaks, to be exact). She had reconstructive surgery while staying with us. My parents divorced and the placement agency did not feel that my mom could take care of her three children plus Bong, so she was taken away from us. My mom really loved Bong and this was heartbreaking for her. I think she would love to hear from Bong if anyone knows where she might be. Thank you. Geoff Bernhardt

Update May 05: Found.

Nguyen Thi Bong was featured in the PBS video. Geoff contacted the makers and the director has forwarded Geoff’s email to her. She became a successful banker, now working independently leasing large equipment. Last fall, she got married.

PBS Video & Transcript:

Archive document:
Swarthmore College Peace Collection – historical document Committee of Responsibility Records, 1966-1978, Collection: DG 173. Nguyen Thi Bong is named in the document. The abstract states:

“The Committee of Responsibility (COR) was formed in 1966. COR was comprised of medical personnel, scientists, clergymen, and concerned citizens who sought avenues for helping Vietnamese children under the age of 16. COR organizers provided direct medical aid by bringing children to the U.S. for treatment and rehabilitation. Approximately 100 children were treated in the U.S. most of whom lived with American families while undergoing medical treatment. Almost all of these children returned to Vietnam once their treatment had been completed.”