United States

The following information includes resources and contacts that are independent of AVI but supplied here to assist everyone to get connected. If you would like your info added or amended please email:adoptedvietnamese@hotmail.com


US Organisations Include

Operation Reunite

Also read more about them at the Operation Reunite AVI page.

Vietnamese Adoptee Network

Website to be relaunched 2011/2012 but you can find them on FB

Mam Non



USA VN Adoptee Blogs Include

Cher Ballentyne Bear – gracefulcreations.wordpress.com

Anh Ðào Kolbe – www.adkfoto.com

Kevin Maes – www.asiasteps.com

Kev Minh Allen – borrowednotes.wordpress.com

Kim Noonan – www.runningdragonshort.com

Michael Pavek – bhodili.blogspot.com

Jared Rehberg – www.jaredrehberg.com

More up to date blogs can be found on the List of Adoptee Blogs & Websites AVI page and email AVI if you wish to have your blog added


Contacts for USA

Social Networks

To connect with many other USA VN adoptees join the AVI social networks. Go to the AVI Social Networks & Groups page for more details.