National Archives of Australia

There is various info about Operation Babylift and other Vietnamese War Orphans adopted into Australia at the National Archives of Australia – Official records from 1971 – 1975 (link below).

One partner of a searcher, Meaghan, kindly outlines a step by step on the lists.

  • step 1 clcik on the collection tab scroll down to records and clcik again
  • step 2 click on search as a guest
  • step3 in the keywords( name) field, type Vietnamese Orphans hit enter, this should bring up search results showing that there are 30 files,
  • step4 click on display button
  • step5 scroll down to the file …TITLE: vietnamese orphans sydney flight for victoria, its 8th file down, clcik on view digital

In here i found 2 lists, the first starting on page 6 going through to page 11 i think and appears to be an AUS list of babies who have allready been placed with adoptive parents,

The second appears to be a VN list with AUS embassy SAIGON stamps on it dated 4/5/75 and begins on page 12 and continues through to page 48, this has VN adoptee names, the adoptive parents names( if linked) if u needed medical, agency name if u had birth certificates etc.

I belive these to be related to the first Australian Flight, I havent looked at 2nd flight lists but am told they are def in there amongst anouther file.

Hope this helps someone