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Tricia Houston

Teacher & Writer – Orange County, California, USA
Committee Member of Operation Reunite Return to Vietnam 2010 Trip

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Tricia Houston, Orange County, California – Teacher and writer.

Tricia was born in October 1974 in or around Saigon, Viet Nam. She was in two locations according to her paperwork from Viet Nam. First she spent some time at Hoi Duc Anh Orphanage in Saigon. Then she was transferred to World Vision Baby Home, which was a half-way house in Gia Dinh District. As part of Operation Babylift, Tricia was flown on the Pan Am flight from Saigon to San Francisco, California that landed on April 6, 1975. She was placed with her parents in Orange County, California soon after.

Currently, Tricia works as an elementary school teacher in Orange County.. She speaks at heritage camps to parents of second generation Vietnamese adoptees. Tricia is active in adoptee groups such as Operation Reunite (Secretary) and AVI. She has previously blogged at Tricia hopes to write a book about her life as an adoptee.