Natalie Cherot bio

(Non-Adoptee AVI Advisory Committee Member)
PhD, Sociology & Editorial & Founding Team Member of Conducive Magazine and Imagined E-Journal

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Natalie Cherot earned her PhD in sociology and has done extensive research on international adoption, Asian American studies, mixed-race and global economy. She is preparing her manuscript, Vietnamese Adoptee Narratives of Saving, Trafficking and Multiculturalism, for academic publication.  She is the publisher of Conducive Media.  Conducive Media has established itself as a news authority on progressive politics, activism and culture.  The company currently has four media sites featuring original articles: Conducive, a solutions-oriented online magazine, Conducive Chronicle our daily news, culture, and social change site, Imagined, a women’s magazine, and, Left Eye on Books, a book news and review site. Both Conducive and Conducive Chronicle have published numerous articles about international adoption written by adoptees. Natalie can be reached at