Faith Elzen-Hong – Anti-Racism Activist (Archive)

Being Viet is being determined and proud.


Faith den Elzen – Hong Thi Mai Sen


I left Vietnam in 1975 along with 15 others on the airlift out of Vietnam to Sydney and was adopted by an Australian couple. I will turn 30 in February and currently live in Melbourne.

On Being Vietnamese:

The best thing about being Vietnamese is all the yummy foods we can eat (like pho). For me, though, it`s the way I do things ie without whinging…being Viet is being determined and proud.

Vietnamese Mentors/Inspirations?

I don`t know any Vietnamese actors or film directors , but I would have to say that I see Vietnamese adoptees like Lynelle Beveridge from The Intercountry Adoptee Support Network as a mentor and friend.