35th – UK – Jaki Clibbon’s Reflections

Jaki Clibbon
Adopted from Vietnam, living in UK


On this 35th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War I feel like I am a daughter returning home to the Motherland. Country and child, we have been separated just like I was from my biological mother and although I have already experienced a reunion with Vietnam, it was not an easy one. In short we failed to understand one another. Frustration was borne out of this and I left feeling rejected, upset and angered that I was not greeted with opened arms as I felt I should have been. That was 14 years ago.

Now on this anniversary, I return not quite so rebellious. I can show that I am self assured, grown up and at peace with my history and to witness that Vietnam is also at peace with herself. I look forward to meeting my fellow adoptees – my ‘siblings’ even -, and listening to their extraordinary stories. This is our time as a family – brothers, sisters and our Motherland.