Orphanage Lists

This is a valued resource for the AVI community although some the details below are archival and may need updating. If you can offer a resource or link about Vietnamese orphanages from the Vietnam War era we welcome new information now on our Facebook Discussion Group (see links in margin).


An Lac Orphanage

Explore Info at the AVI An Lac Orphanage page

Alambie Orphanage

Anne McCrudden has shared a series of Orphanage Photos of children from Vietnam War from 1971 – 1973 (up on Viktoria Cowley’s facebook). To ask about them email Viktoria: viktoria@operationbabylift.co.uk

Also see Section 2 below – Other General News/Links – Anne McCrudden below including links to Viktoria Cowley’s facebook photo albums.

Bien Hoa Orphanage

Explore Info at the AVI Bien Hoa Orphanage page

Bethany Orphanage

Explore Info at the AVI Bethany Orphanage page

Dong Chua Cuu

No extensive information outside of Sister Susan McDonald’s list but also see Redemptionist Orphanage

Good Sheperd Orphanage

Explore info at the AVI Good Shepherd Orphanage page

Go Vap Orphanage

Explore info at the AVI Go Vap Orphanage page (including some videos)

Hoi An Orphanage

A note about Hoi An Orphanage:
A visitor wrote, “In 2002 we visited an orphanage in Hoi An. I believe the orpanage currently housed children over the age of four. Joy Degenhardt, whose mother founded MAPS, was adopted from this orphanage in Hoi An. Joy still works in Vietnam adoptions and might be able to get some info for you about this orphanage. Try contacting her mother, Dawn Degenhardt, through the Degenhardt Foundation:

Hoi Duc-Anh Orphanage

Explore Info at the AVI Hoi Duc-Anh Orphanage page

New Haven Orphanage

See Safi’s story at Safi Thi-Kim Dub’s Story AVI page

Providence Orphanage

Explore Info at the AVI Providene Orphanage page

Redemptionist Orphanage

Redemptionist also known as Dong Chua Cuu The, Orphanage, also as ” Pierre  Olivier’s Orphanage ” and even ” Truong Minh Giang Orphanage ” is located on an alley near Truong Minh Giang St. not far from Truong  Minh Giang Market.

Sacred Heart

Dan Brown (VN Adoptee in USA) Story about Sacred Heart Orphanage at Daniel Brown’s (Nguyen, Viet Tri) Story AVI page

Origines Vietnam Sacred Heart: originesvietnam.fr.st

Contact Dorothee aka Le Thi Mong Chi: dorocal66@yahoo.fr

Sadec Orphanage

For info and archive photos please contact Emmanuelle: emmanuellebabey@yahoo.fr
and read more about her story at the Emmanuelle Babey Reflections AVI page.

Sancta Maria Orphanage

Explore Info at the AVI Sancta Maria Orphanage page

Soc Trang Orphanage

Visit the Soc Trang Orphanage Yahoo! group: groups.yahoo.com/group/SocTrang/

Vung Tau Orphanage

Visit the story of My Huong Le on the AVI Reunited page http://www.adoptedvietnamese.org/searching/reunited

My Huong Le is an Australian VN adoptee living in Vung Tau and overseeing several schools and orphanages, was reunited with her Vietnamese mother is open to hearing from you if you are from this region. Her email her at: myhuongle@gmail.com

Tan Mai Orphanage

Explore Info at the AVI Tan Mai Orphanage page

Terre Des Hommes Orphanage

Please see Dorothee Calvert’s message in section 2 below.

Tu Do Orphanage

A Vietnamese-American Adoptee Visits Vietnam – A Search for the Past By Joshua Woerthwein:

To Am Orphanage

Explore Info at the AVI To Am Orphanage page

Please see Dorothee Calvert’s message in section 2 below.

Thong Thien Hoc Orphanage

Explore Info at the AVI Thong Thien Hoc Orphanage page



Emmanuelle Babey

Emmanuelle Babey, a VN adoptee from France, is setting up a new sight to assist adopted Vietnamese war orphans find information about their birth parents and extended family, plus general information about orphanges.  She has many photos of orphanages available. To find out more contact: emmanuellebabey@yahoo.fr

Anne McCrudden

Anne McCrudden who is not an adoptee but who was a volunteer at Allambie (Saigon) has many photos available of the orphanage. If you are an adoptee please search her on facebook and ask for links to photos or visit the ‘Orphans of War, Voices Today’ facebook group by Vikki Cowley.

She also posted this note:
A selection of photos are available to view. These photos were mostly taken at Allambie between late 1971 and mid 1973. Please let us know if you recognise anyone in them or even yourself? Do you have any other information about the orphanage itself? It would be great to share experiences. Please also feel free to contact Anne McCrudden, the owner of the photos (they’re in my albums for convenience).


Dorothee Calvert wrote Aug 2009:

As you know, when we read Rosemary Taylor ‘s book and the one of Susan McDonald, To Am Nursery was the first orphanage created by Rosemary Taylor after 17 months later she arrived in Vietnam (february 1967).

To Am  (= warm nest) had 3 adresses from its creation (august 1698) to the end (1975).
August 1968 to october 1969 : located in Phu Nuam Alley / district
October 1969 to july 1970 : Nhat Linh Site / Gia Dinh
July 1970 to april 1975 : 64a Doan Thi Thiem Street (most of us came from the last and many photos were taken here).

So I’m in touch with a former australian soldier (Owen Cook) from the 110 th Signal Squadron who served in Saigon from january 1969 to jannuary 1970 and visited and helped my orphanage – the first nursery). He knowed and meet Rosa Tintore and Rosemary Taylor too.

Owen took photos from march 1969 to july 1969 before going to Vung Tau for the last of his tour:

Photos from 30 to 49 concerning Terre des Hommes orphanages, Rosa Tintore. I sent to him some scanned pictures from the book of Rosemary Taylor, don’t be surprised.  It is very important because it was the first time that somebody took photos of this earlier period.I was not in the orphanage because I left Saigon at the end of january 1969 (he did’nt have camera when he arrived in Vietnam, he bouhgt one in march 1969) but sure it ‘s mine second orphanage afeter Sacred Heart in Danang.




Historical List Provided By Sister Susan Mcdonald

Download here: SMcDonald_List09.doc (53 KB)

Catholic Church Batism Register

For more details visit the Catholic Church Baptism Register / Fr Olivier Adoptees AVI page