AVI Social Networks & Groups

One of the main aims of AVI is to create opportunities and forums for Vietnamese adoptees connect with each other and share community knowledge, resources and support. AVI has constantly evolved – negotiating over two decades of changes to technology – starting as a Yahoo Group, then website/blog and now has social networking resources including a FB Discussion group with over 1000 members. An Instagram is also being considered. Many of the AVI members are Viet adoptees, but others are allowed to join as observers only (no posting). The space gives priority to Vietnamese adoptee voices and the tone aims to be informative but also friendly and casual.


The AVI Facebook ‘Like’ Page is the most convenient way to get all the latest AVI & adoption news that is shared with the public. Please ‘like’ it on the left in the side bar to keep updated and your support is much appreciated.

Find AVI on Facebook

The AVI Facebook Group is a private, regularly used group chat with info that is crowd-sourced and community-led. All are welcome to join as observes but this is a special space where only the Vietnamese adoptee community are allowed to post, and has a chance to share their experiences. This is a closed group so it content is not visible to public and currently has over 1.5K members from around the world.