Quick Updates (2003)


December 2003 Quick Update:

Planning Committee needed for Catalyst Event Boston

October/November 2003 Quick update:

Radio Interview on SBS Australia radio with VN adoptees
New Publication about Vietnamese Diaspora
Peace on Planet Earth – New book for Children
Call for submissions: New anthology of trans-racial adoptee writers
International Events

August/September 2003 Quick update:

New Books on Adoption – Jane Jeong Trenka and Lana Noone:
International Events

June/July 2003 Quick update:

Adoption Documentary new project US/Vietnam
Host an Exchange Student from Vietnam
Vietnam Adoptions Update
International Events

May 2003 Quick update:

Mam Non Picnic day
Asia Writers Network and Music CD Launch

April 2003 Quick update:

SARS Warning
Vietnamese Mother Found
International Events

March 2003 Links to stories:

Vietnamese In Hindsight? The Construction of Adopted Vietnamese Identity and Place In the Diaspora
VN Adoption Film Screening
Visiting Vietnam for Tet
International Events
Last call for Volunteers to be interviewed for research project
Documentaries in Production
Recent Documentaries