April 2016 – 41st Anniversary of Operation Babylift and end of Vietnam War

Sending warm and supportive thoughts to all our friends and peers who were part of Operation Babylift, April 1975 and adopted from the Vietnam War era and the following period immediately after. It’s a very meaningful and important historical month for everyone adopted from Vietnam, before, during and after OBL, as it marks the close of the Vietnam War era that shaped all our lives forever. Peace, respect and supportive energies to you all this month.

The AVI website is in need of a big update when time permits but there’s a range of archival material for people interested in reading about some of its history and if you are a Vietnamese adoptee, here is:-

– An Archive AVI Page Dedicated to Operation Babylift

– A private FB group for all Vietnamese adoptees (from the War and post-war era), for us and by us to connect Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI) Facebook Group and our public AVI FB Community Page

– A special AVI collection of international essays and poems by Vietnamese adoptees written on the 35th Anniversary and still relevant and moving today here