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July 2012 Community Issue: Stopping Deportation of Adoptees

Global adoptees’ news:

Letter to the President to Stop the Deportation of Kairi Shepherd & Others

“On May 8th, Kairi Shepherd, an Indian adoptee who has advanced multiple sclerosis, was issued what in effect was her death sentence: deportation to India — a country she has not seen or known since she was adopted at 3 months old — and consequent separation from her family and doctors…”



July 2012 Updates – General News

Don’t forget to check out the AVI Facebook Page ( as the quickest way to get up to date news on events and other things related to the adopted Vietnamese community.   Recent posts there include:

July 2012

– A book to be released soon on adoptees as parents, with a link to the book’s own FB page


– A blog alerting people in the MN, USA media that adoptees have a voice and important perspectives to share in media stories on adoption

– A response to the above, calling for interviews with MN, USA adoptees

– A global adoption community coalition letter in support of Kairi Shepherd, and adoptee citizenship, including signed by AVI after careful consultation with the AVI advisory group

– A story about a Rockford Viet adoptee in the USA who reunited with his Vietnamese mother

Plus you can also search older archives by ‘liking’ the AVI FB public page.

37th Anniversary of End of Vietnam War & Operation Babylift

AVI sends out care and respect for the Vietnamese people who arrived 37 years ago, and in memory of those who didn’t make it.

Also a special time for all involved in the Vietnam War period, including over 1000 Vietnamese children who were sent abroad in the years before 1975, and approximately 3000+ Vietnamese children during Operation Babylift in 1975.  April 1975 marks the end of an era that changed so many lives forever, but also the development of a global adopted Vietnamese community where we hope adoptees will always be able to feel that they belong and can be themselves.  In our current times, we are also finding more and more connections than ever before to our surviving Vietnamese relatives.  These are special times.

Please see the AVI Facebook Page for updates on current events in your area that are marking this year’s 37th anniversary.

In peace.

March 25 (2012) Meet up – CAL, USA: LA visit

RSVPs for this event have now closed. Thank you: Hermosa Beach, LA, Sunday 25 March, 2012

Meeting for Cali VN adoptees.  RSVPs closed 22 March 2012, but if you would like to make contact for future visits/meet ups please feel welcome to email:

International mobile (text only): + 01161403168490

Conference: Claremont, CA Thurs 22- Sat 24 March, 2012

AVI founder Dr Indigo Willing & Dr Bert Ballard are at Claremont 22 – 24 March to attend  The 4th International Conference on Adoption and Culture:

Dr Willing& Dr Bert Ballard (also an AVI Advisory Group member) are presenting ‘Transnationalism Beyond Transmigrants: Chinese Adoption in North America and Australia’. Dr Willing will also be chairing a special panel discussion with other international guests, Prof Rene Hoskbergen and Prof Ravinder Barn on adoptive parents.

The conference is open to the public but all attendees must officially REGISTER (small fee included). To do this visit:

If you are a transnational and transracial adoptee, please say hello if you are attending. Indigo’s email: International mobile (text only): +001161403168490

February (2012) Interview with international Vietnamese adoptees from AVI Advisory Group

A number of AVI’s Advisory Group members are featured in a newsletter (PASQ, QLD Australia – and also posted as an online article on adoptee website (tba) about their Vietnamese adoptee community work, and why being in contact with other adoptees can generate a healthy sense of engagement and connection for individuals adopted from Vietnam in any era, and from any country-of-origin.  Contributors from AVI include:

Dr Indigo Willing, Academic & Asian Australian Film Network Co-Convener, QLD Australia, adopted from Vietnam.

Analee Matthews, Journalist,, NSW Australia, adopted from Vietnam.

Jen Fitzpatrick,  Higher Education Officer, Adoptee Representative 2011- 2012 of NICAAG, QLD Australia, adopted from Vietnam.

Trista Goldberg, Business Professional, Founder & CEO, Operation Reunite, USA, adopted from Vietnam.

Tricia Houston, Teacher, Executive in Operation Reunite, USA, adopted from Vietnam.

Kim Nguyen Browne, Corporate Professional, Founder & CEO, Vietnam Volunteer Network, UK, adopted from Vietnam.

‘Ripples’, Government and Business Professional, adopted from Taiwan.

Diversity including adoptees at Asian Australian Film Forum (AAFF) Melbourne (12 – 13 November 2011)

AVI members in Australia might be interested in a story on SBS Film Online about the ‘Asian
Australian Film Forum (AAFF)’, Held in Melbourne, Australia, 12 – 13
November, co-convened by Dr Indigo Willing, AVI founder & VN adoptee (with Amadeo Marquez Perez),
and with a couple of speakers on one of the panels (held 13 Nov) who are
transnationally adopted, including VN adoptee Dominic Golding.

The forum also brings together wider connections between Asian
Australians from a variety of backgrounds and heritages, and with
sponsorship by AASRN and SBS.

Preview AAFF on SBS Film Online

The AAFF Official website:

QLD Screening of Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam (7 September 2011)

Future AVI co-presented events include screenings of Operation Babylift: The Lost Children of Vietnam.

The next one is in Brisbane 7pm on 7th September hosted by the Post Adoption Services Queensland. For Australian updates and the flyer to the above event see and for international news you can also go to the project website:

Entry is by gold coin donation with collection going to Vietnamese orphanages sponsored by Against the Grain Productions (ATG) Productions.

Thank you to PASQ, IAFQ, Jigsaw QLD, AVI & IAC folks plus Tammy Nguyen Lee, Jared Rehberg and ATG Prod. for making this event possible.

Thank you – QLD Adoption Community Video Making Workshop (31 July 2011)


Thank you to our guest lecturer Amadeo Marquez-Perez, sponsors and the 15 participants of the below event (inc. adoptees from Vietnam, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Hong Kong and locally in Australia and adoptive families). If you were a participant and would like a DVD of your class exercises please email

Workshops – ’Telling Our Stories’ Video Making Workshop

amadeo marquez-perez

PIC: Video workshop for adoptees held 31st July 2011

A video making workshop for adoptees and the adoption community of QLD, to be held Sunday 31st July from 12.30 – 3pm. The cost is free but registrations are encouraged (pref. by 28 July). More info on this workshop is posted at which in 2011 is co-presented by AVI and IAC and sponsored by various adoption related groups including Jigsaw QLD and the IAFQ.