Fr Olivier aka Redemptorist aka Truong Minh Giang Orphanage

Suanne Prager recently did her independent research with great success whilst on the Motherland Tour. She wrote the following:


This is Suanne Prager (Australian adoptee). I’m from this orphanage. It went by about 3 names, Fr Olivier’s, Redemptorist, and Truong Minh Giang or something, that was the old street name of it. I know at least 2 other adoptees in Australia who were in this orphanage or passed thru it briefly. I saw the orphanage building/location in April this year. I think its street is now called Le Van Sy or something, I have the name in a photo. It was just a run down old building. It pretty much stopped operation in 1975 when Fr Olivier was forced to leave Vietnam and wasn’t allowed near it again. There are supposedly no orphanage records left. However, I got very lucky because the church that ran the orphanage still exists, and I found I had a baptism record there which miraculously led me to my birth mother in April. The name of the church or the order of the church is The Order of Perpetual Help. The seminary attached to the church still exists also. I found out about searching baptism records of the church from an amazing 80yr old priest who worked with Fr Olivier. I was lucky because my mother attended this church, she still does! And had me baptised there, it wasn’t necessarily something that would have happened to every Fr Olivier orphan. But its worth looking into. This seminary and church are in Ky Dong St District ? I think. I can email you photos of it all.

Hope this helps