An Lac Orphanage

The old An-Lac address is 116 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Tan Dinh, V.N. (about 2 or 3 miles from  old presidential or Reunification Palace).  It is now a private residence but you may still observe the building from outside.  The new orphanage is at 116 Tran Quoc Toan. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Meet up for An Lac Orphans in USA

Message from Jason Robertson who writes:
I’m Jason Robertson (An Lac orphan) and met some of you at the 2000 Baltimore Reunion.  I am putting together a unique reunion for the orphans of An Lac in Columbus/Ft. Benning Georgia where Betty Tisdale airlifted us.  This April marks 35 years since that historic date for those of An Lac.  I need help in getting the word out to the fellow An Lac orphans please pass along my email and contact info on your website so that I can coordinate with them the exact dates and plans of the event.  Betty will be there etc…
Thanks Jason –


Below Information kindly supplied by:

Betty Tisdale
HALO – Helping and Loving Orphans
2416 Second Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

Vu thi Chinh-Thuc
Assistant director for
An-Lac orphanage before 1975

Susan McDonald
Operation Babylift 1975

Anh Ðào Kolbe (VN Adoptee)
There are some of the orphanage from her travels at:

Jared Rehberg (VN Adoptee) has also visited there.


Various links to general info and articles on An Lac


Children of An Lac (1980) TV film

Film online streaming video at (Only viewable to people in the USA)

Story of three women who try to evacuate hundreds of Vietnamese orphans prior to the fall of Saigon. Based on a true story by Ina Balin, who portrays herself in the film. Originally realised in VHS format.
Mor movie info:


Wings For `Angel Of Saigon’ (Seattle Times article)

“… In the weeks before Saigon fell in 1975, Tisdale arranged for 219 children from the An Lac orphanage, where she had worked two months a year since 1961, to fly to the United States for adoption…”
Full article here:


Welcome to HALO

“… Our Founder, The Angel of Saigon, Betty Tisdale began her work with orphans in Viet Nam in 1961 and became President of An Lac Orphanage, Inc. Betty was…”
Read more by contacting Better Tinsdale on FB and requesting is she will share her story.

Local man (Andy Leonard) honored by Special Olympics

“… thought into language. Then, when he was about 3 years old, a rocket blasted into his village, killing his parents. He was brought to the An Lac Orphanage… “

Tressler Refugee & Immigration Services

“… war. Tressler also was involved in Operation Babylift, finding homes in eight weeks for more than 200 children from the An Lac orphanage near Saigon. It also …” (tip also search “An Lac” at that website fro more articles)


A Christmas filled with Miracles (book) – Santa is Coming to Town

Yahoo! Groups incountrywomen. Betty Tisdale writes:
“… I wrote a story about “Santa is Coming to Town” about the Christmas party the 121st Signal Bn of the 1st Infantry Division at D-An…and the joy they brought to the children of my orphanage, An Lac Orphanage in December 1966…”

Betty Tisdale writes:
“… humid degrees and we were in the middle of the war. I was working at An Lac Orphanage, started by Mme. Vu Thi Ngai in Haiphong, and through the book. Deliver …”


An Angel Gets Her Wings ( article)

Article by Caroline F. Daniel who writes about Betty Tisdale:
“… she embraced Dooley’s philosophy of giving every child, “an education and a healthy body.”In 1961, just after Dooley died of cancer at age 34, she began yearly treks to the An Lac orphanage in Saigon…”
See full article:


Civic Action

“… The 197th continued to provide support to the An Lac Orphanage in the areas of Health and Sanitation, and Community Relations. Donations included 1 case of body soap, 5 lbs of tooth brushes and tooth paste, 40 lbs of flour, 15 lbs of sugar and 20 lbs of candy. Emphasis is being placed on improving the cleanliness of the children…”


A Brief Biography of Buddhist Nuns in Vietnam in the Twentieth Century and Their Contributions

Artical by Bhikkhuni Tuong Lien:
“… (b) The formation of the Tinh Lac orphanage in Huong Thuy. She always supported the nuns living at Tu Dam Vihara until this Vihara became the premises of “An Nam Phat Hoc” association…”


‘Babylifted’ to America, adoptees are thriving For reunion, Vietnam memories

Article by Marilyn Elias at (Apr 26, 2000):
“… she raised nearly all the money and supplies needed by Saigon’s An Lac orphanage, which housed 400 children. “The government said we could only bring  children …”
Full article: Original USA Today Article (Archive, must pay for full version).
Alternatively go to:


The Reunion

“… Betty Tisdale assisted many children at the An Lac orphanage in Vietnam. Reunion Photos. click …” (dead link)


IMDB (Actress) Ina Balin Biography

“… Ina toured Vietnam with the USO in 1970 and was greatly affected by the entire experience. It also triggered a series of trips back to the war-torn region. As a Board Member of the An Lac orphanage in Saigon, she courageously took part in the full-scale evacuation of nearly 400 orphans in 1975 …”
Full article:


Gordon Van Hooft Bio – Month ’93 Volume 1.1

“.. In the fall of 1975, the Vietnamese woman who was my translator ended up in Washington as a refugee, & 2 weeks after I saw her there she was staying with us in Albany & going with me to visit schools that were dealing with the first flood of refugees. Anita had volunteered at the big An Lac Orphanage working with preschool children. Over 200 of those children were flown out in one plane & were adopted around the country. We saw some when we visited Madame Ngai the head of that orphanage after she came as a refugee & was in Georgia. …”


Trying to locate: Phuong Nga

“… hi this is chris.the person Phuong Nga was a child that lost her family in the vietnam war.she lived it saigan.she was born in may 1966.she was 8 when she was airlifted out in 1975.she was airlifted from the an lac orphanage and brought to america.she was adopted.if you have the resources to can you find her parents. Please contact: christopher brim… “
More details:


WHMC-St. Louis sl 464 Dooley, Thomas A. (1927-1961)

“149. Newsclippings, An Lac Orphanage, 1975-1976 (D); Newsclipping, School named for Dooley, January 21, 1976 (3)”
More information: and