The following information includes resources and contacts that are independent of AVI but supplied here to assist everyone to get connected. If you would like your info added or amended please email: adoptedvietnamese@hotmail.com


Maria Persson came to Sweden when I was 1 1/2 yrs old and was one of the small babies who was lucky to survive the crash during Operation babylift. She now lives in Lund, and welcomes contact from other adoptees. (Posted Dec. 2006). Email: prssn_mr@yahoo.co.uk

Sweden Adopted Vietnamese 1975 Joakim Kronqvist is interested in hearing from other adoptees from the Europe or abroad. You can find his contact on Facebook.

General Info

There has been a lot of academic study by neighbouring countries such as Norway on transracial adoption using the Vietnamese adoptees as the key focus, but the majority of information on Swedish Vietnamese community is based on present economic relations. More info welcome.