The following information includes resources and contacts that are independent of AVI but supplied here to assist everyone to get connected. If you would like your info added or amended please email:



Trent and Thanh – Airlift to Ontario
Trent and Thanh were children airlifted April 1975 from Vietnam to Surrey Place, Toronto, Ontario and have a group and online resource for Vietnamese adoptees livingin in Canada. They look forward to connecting with others and have held some memorable events commemorating their history and networking with other Vietnamese. Trent’s (non-adopted) sister Heather has also played a role in this intiative and siblings are welcome.

Heather McDonald – C5 crash survivor
Heather McDonald survived that famous Operation Babylift crash. She’s from Providence Can Tho and New Haven – leaving at 9 months. She welcomes contacts from other C5 survivors and Canadian Vietnamese adoptees. Email:

Thi Lien B. / Tham
Current email tba

There are also many more Canadian adoptees now listed on facebook.



Mai – Adopted from Saigon
Canadian Vietnamese adoptee Mai, adoption from Saigon in 1969. She was adopted by a family from Quebec. Email address is

Parents adopted from Vietnam – Story
Story from parents who have two adopted children from Vietnam see Marc Thang Trong Le Couture:

Yahoo! Group vietnamadopters – Egroup for Toronto parents who are adopting or have adopted from Vietnam. If you are interested in joining please send an email to:

Asian Canadian Community

Ottawa Vietnamese

Art News, Art Books, Art Galleries, Art Exhibitions worldwide. A source of knowledge about Vietnamese Art and the people who make it happen.



Adoption agencies in Canada specializing in Vietnam Travel clinic gives medical tips for Vietnam:

Prentice Hall Canada – Vietnam War: