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The following information includes resources and contacts that are independent of AVI but supplied here to assist everyone to get connected. If you would like your info added or amended please email:

Having mixed heritage including but not limited to Native American, White American, African American, Latin American, Anglo-Australian, Anglo-French, Japanese, Korean or SE Asian ethnic heritage is definitely common to the VN Adoptee community. We invite you to explore your diversity and lobby for the rights of Amerasians not only in Vietnam but around the world.

Would you like to share a link, a petition or even write a personal essay to post here on your experiences as an ‘Amerasian’ or ‘Eurasian’ Vietnamese adoptee? Please email with ‘VN adoptee story’ in the subject line:


External Websites

War and Children –  The Identity Project

Amerasian Dream- reunite Amerasian children

Amerasian Family Finder

Amerasian Child Find

Amerasian Foundation

Amerasian Hope

The Amerasian Page

Saigon Nezumi Page (Kevin Miller/Amerasian Resources)

Amerasian/ Hapa Groups List

The Multiracial Acitivist page

Operation Reunite


Amerasian Registry

The Amerasian Registry was created to help assist Amerasians, their Fathers, and/or Family Members search for each other around the World. The Amerasian Registry intends to be the main central database for all Amerasians and their Fathers in the future. The Registry will be available to all of those interested including organizations that assist Amerasians.

Amerasian Child Find

Their web site states: “We dedicated to assisting Amerasians and their Father’s reunite. Our services are free to principals searching for lost family. We are not aligned with any group, governmental agency or cause. Our Only function is the reunification of families.Our primary focus is Vietnamese Amerasians, however, we will assist any child fathered by a member of the United States Armed Services, or a person working for the U.S. Government outside of the United States.”

Amerasian Child Find Network, Inc (Main Contact: Clint Haines)

Personal Narrative Daniel Le

A biography of Amerasian Daniel Le


I don’t think I’m fully Vietnamese, Who Am I?

Full article

A new test by DNAPrint Genomics, Inc., of Sarasota, Florida, offers one kind of answer.

This company, which calls itself “the world’s first recreational genomics testing service,” at a cost of between $160 and $290 will decipher parts of the genetic blueprint coded in DNA swabbed by Q-tip from the inside of your cheek.

The test compares selected sets of your DNA’s genetic markers known as SNP’s (“snips”) with those in public databases. This comparison is used to infer from which of five or more geographical areas (and in what proportion of each) your ancestors came — factors that some unscientifically think of as your “race.” These geographic regions of origin are classified as “Native American, East Asian, South Asian, European, sub-Saharan African, etc.,” according to New York Times science reporter Nicholas Wade’s reading of the company website.


Thanks to Linh Thuy Song, Executive Director, Mam Non Organization ( for suggesting the following:

Swirl aims to unite the mixed community by providing support to mixed families, mixed individuals, transracial adoptees, and inter-racial/cultural couples. Through a Big Sibling/Little Sibling Program, various social events, and educational lectures and discussions, Swirl will be a meeting place for members of the mixed community to celebrate and explore their heritages.

Film summary on “Bastards” a film by Loc Do on two Amerasian brothers and their experience in Westminster, California…otherwise known as Little Saigon.

Phuong Thao is another pop star with a strong following within Vietnam

Bumblebee: the Afro-Asian Online Community’s Newsletter

Terms used in the multiracial community, including Blacknamese for those with Black and Vietnamese ancestry.