Vietnamese Australian Idols

This page is just a bit of fun – this is a list of some our very likeable and outstanding (non adopted) Vietnamese “Australian idols”.

For contemporary Vietnamese Australian and Asian Australian and Asian American ‘idols’ check out the AAFFN timeline on Twitter / X here

Dacchi Dang – Artist, Composer.

Creator of “The Boat” shown at the 4A – Asia Australia Arts Centre gallery in 2001 and exhibitor at the Sydney Biennale, 2004.

Anh Do – Comedian, Documentary Maker.

Featured on numerous television shows and a regular at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Khoa Do – Film Director. 2005 Young Australian of the Year.

Director of Footy Legends, plus “The Finished People”, one of Australia’s best contemporary films about ordinary Australian youth living on the margins. Scriptwriter and actor for Delivery Day. 2005 Young Australian of the year.

Ngoc-Tuan Hoang – Writer, Poet, Composer

An Editor of ‘Cau Noi – The Bridge -Anthology of Vietnamese-Australian Writing’ which examines the complexities of the 1.5 Generation and the emerging works of the Second Generation of Vietnamese-Australians. He is also in various major theatrical projects including: The Return (1994, as composer/actor), The Lotus War (1995, as music director), Conversation with Charlie (1996, as composer), The Monkey Mother (2000, as composer/actor), and s a composer/performer in Beat Box Vox Pop (July 2001), a Citymoon production.

Cuong Phu Le – Community Identity/Organiser.

Asian-Australian CCD Officer

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre & Liverpool Regional Museum. Formerly the Multicultural Arts Officer for the Vietnamese Australian Community, NSW Chapter.

Hung Le – Comedian, Actor, Writer.

Author of “Yellow Peril”. Star of “Black and Tan”. Actor in in “Wog-A-Rama”.

Tan Le – The Young Australian of the Year Award in 1998.

Received The Young Australian of the Year Award in 1998. Awarded a KPMG scholarship in 1997, Tan completed her Commerce Law degree at Monash University at the end of 1998. Former president, The Vietnamese Community of Footscray Association.

Tony Le Nguyen – Actor, Theatre Director, Writer.

Artistic Director of Vietnamese Youth Media and working with Victoria University, the city of Melbourne and FCAC on Melbourne’s first Vietnamese Arts Festival.

Thao Nguyen – Actor, Film Director.

Coordinator of the Crosscurrents Youth Film Festival and Director of the short “Fish Sauce Breath”.

Nam Le – Author

The Boat

Hoa Pham – Author

Vixen, Editor of Yellow Peril Journal