35th – USA – Trista Goldberg’s Reflections


Trista Goldberg

Trista Goldberg
VN Adoptee – USA
Founder, Operation Reunite (OR)
operationreunite.org & OR FB Group


The 35th anniversary is a time to reflect, connect and work towards healing and becoming whole.

I feel proud and grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with my homeland and peers for the 35th anniversary and throughout the year via skype meetings and social networks. These relationships make my life more meaningful and full.

I hope that the younger generation feels welcome to participate in organizations like Operation Reunite, AVI and the UK groups. I also hope that they are able to develop their own organizations to connect, share and experience their heritage as a group; while supporting each other and relating to each other as friends, peers and life long mentors that have a common rich heritage. I hope they realize that Vietnam is our birth land forever.

Trista Goldberg